Bible Days are Here Again

25 Jun

Bible days are here again!
By Dr. Jonathan Doctor 
I. The first sign to hit the church during a Move of God is THE FEAR OF THE LORD.
   A. Holiness is a result from the Fear of the Lord (Acts 2:43-47 )
               1. The Fear of the Lord causes believers to not mess around with sin.
              2.The Fear of the Lord is the major missing piece today in many camps.
             3. Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
            4. Don’t talk bad about God’s men and woman who are serving Him.
II. Miracles signs and wonders come after the Fear of the Lord. (Acts 3:6,16)
      A. Only when The Church today walks in the Fear of the Lord and in Holiness, in Love will we see miracles signs and wonders.
     B. Once we walk in the fear of the Lord, God is free to move mightily in our midst.
III. Unity and oneness in the spirit comes during a move of God
     A. The people went from house to house breaking bread and Praising God
IV. Complete Prosperity came as a result from a move of God.
     A. God’s presence prospers
V. Prayer and Praise increased during a move of God (Acts 2:47 Acts 3:1)
     A. Only by prayer can we maintain the anointing and move of God.
VI. Singleness of heart, total contentment.
     A. They had some joy.
VII. Mighty results in evangelism (Acts 2:47 Acts 3:19)
      A. The Lord added to the church daily (not Sunday) such as were to be saved.
      B. They all became ministers (Acts 5:42)


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