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Living the NEW LIFE with a NEW LOVE

15 Nov
By: Dr. J. Doctor
 When we are born again and become New Creations in Christ we receive a new nature; We pass from death to life, our hearts are changed. The Bible says we receive the Love of God, the Faith of God and all the fruits of the Spirit; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness and Faith. We do not receive the spirit of fear; but we Do receive the Spirit of Power and of Love and of a sound mind. In this lesson we will look at our New nature, our new heart and allow our New heart from God to lead us. 
Allow the Love of God to govern our life. The God-kind of love is not human. (John 3:16). His love is supernatural and “Holy Spirit-injected.” The human kind of love is conditional. God’s love is unconditional. When you become born again, the Holy Spirit “injects,” or pours, God’s love into your heart (Romans 5:5, AMP).


Loving others even when it hurts positions you to live the “too much” lifestyle-a life of too much favor, anointing, wealth, goodness and health.

Love will always quench the spirit of strife.


Controlling your tongue is part of walking in love (1 Peter 3:10-14).
In these scriptures we see that if we control our tongue we will see “good days”. Love always refrains from talking evil. Love speaks no guile or evil about others. The God kind of Love seeks peace with every person. God will not allow anyone to harm you as you walk in love.

Make it a point to greet those who dislike you with a hug, a kiss or with words that will edify them. God’s love in you will compel your enemies to constantly seek after you. They will want to be in contact with that love. Don’t allow the fear of rejection to stop you from loving anyone.

You receive power-ability, efficiency and might-the moment the Holy Spirit takes up residence within your born-again spirit (Acts 1:8, AMP). You receive an endowment of power enabling you to do anything. Love is the power that you receive (Romans 5:5, AMP). Love demands a positive change in how you relate to others.

Others will recognize that you belong to God because of your love walk. The level of excess and abundance you experience will be determined by the love that is at work in you.

Living a life of love will give you access to heaven and enable God to recognize you as His. Recognize that the Greater One (Love) lives in Love (God) is a “nuclear weapon” against forces, because darkness cannot gain the upper hand when love is in control of your life.  As you perfect your love walk, make plans to receive your end-time harvest.