What does it mean to “Plead / Apply the Blood of Jesus”?

10 Jul

What is the difference between “Pleading the Blood of Jesus” and “Applying the Blood of Jesus”

The following was taken from my book “Redeemed By Blood – Discovering the Power of the Blood of Christ”

Lets look at The Lord’s Supper and applying the blood today

Moses gives warning to the Egyptians that all the firstborn in Egypt will die (Exodus 11:4–5). Moses explains to the Israelites the Passover (Exodus 12:21–28). Death was sure to come to every house. But If the blood was applied, the destroyer (death) would not be permitted in that house.

The Lord’s supper was celebrated during the Lord’s Passover. Jesus was and is the mediator of the better covenant; he was bringing God to man, and he was bringing man to God. He offered himself as the perfect sacrifice. His holy body and blood is the surety, the guarantee of our covenant with God.

When we apply the blood of Jesus to our life, we are protected from every plot the enemy has for us or our family. The lamb sacrificed was a lamb without blemish (Exodus 12:3–7). Jesus was our Lamb without blemish (1 Peter 1:19). Jesus offered himself as an unblemished sacrifice (Hebrews 9:12–14). Jesus was the perfect Passover Lamb (Exodus 12:46; 1 Corinthians 5:7).

The Israelites were miraculously healed because of the Passover Lamb (Psalm 105:36– 45). We are healed because of our Passover Lamb (Isaiah 53). The power of the Lamb heals and provides, protects and delivers (Revelations 12:11).

How and When the Blood Was Used?
The highest act of the high priest in the Old Testament was when he entered into the holy of holies, bringing in the blood to worship God. The highest act of worship was the sprinkling of blood.

Blood was used to:
-In the consecration of the house of the Lord.
-In the consecration of the priest.
-At the birth of a child.
-In the account of sin.
-In the way they would fellowship with God.

The blood has a voice and that voice speaks.
Priests used the blood in everything. Jesus made an end to the types and shadows by being the fulfi llment. Our hearts must learn the importance of walking in the power of the blood. God lives in constant view of the blood, so we must live in constant view of the blood also.

The Blood of Jesus
The blood of Jesus is the primary thing the Holy Spirit has for the church today. When Adam sinned, he poisoned his blood, causing every man after him to experience blood poisoning also. Since man had sin entangled in his blood, he passed sin from generation to generation. God had to do something to take care of the blood. God sent Jesus to the earth in the flesh to destroy the works of the devil. Jesus was flesh and blood, but he was not from Adam’s fallen bloodline.

Jesus suffered the death of the cross for us (Acts 2:31; Hebrews 9:23–26). It was necessary for the earthly things to be purified, but the actual heavenly things needed a better and noble sacrifice. The priest would take the blood in and sprinkle it on the mercy seat. The mercy would last a year before another sacrifice would have to be made. Jesus took his own blood before the Father and poured it out on the mercy seat. It was a once-for-all offering.

Pleading the Blood
Definition: to plead:
Webster’s Dictionary: appeal, entreat earnestly, to use arguments or persuasion for or against something.
Noun–a case at law.
Verb–beseech or beg.
Hebrew–reev–to strive; conduct a legal case.
Hebrew–shawfat–controversy at law

The verdict is in!
The blood of Jesus paid the price, and the blood was sufficient, more than enough. In our case, there are two types of pleading: by the plaintiff and the defendant. A plea is a petition to the court. In our case, the answer is in the acquisition of the blood. This means that we have already won. When we use the word plea, we are reminding Satan of his defeat, because we have authority in the blood. A plea is a method of condescending by rules of procedures, by which a party will present a written statement about the facts of the case.

Pleading the blood has two connotations.
1.) It is evidence of our civil rights.
2.) It is an acquittal of our criminal matters.

When you sin, you use the blood as your acquittal. Justification in the Greek means acquittal. When pleading a criminal case, you have three options:
-Not guilty
-No contest (neither admits nor denies).

“Satan has no answer for the blood of Jesus.”
The Israelites, by faith sprinkled blood in Egypt, and it brought forgiveness, health, protection, deliverance, strength, and wealth (Hebrews 11:28; Psalm 105:36–45). Rahab used the blood line (scarlet cord) as a token, and it brought deliverance. Priests of the Old Testament sprinkled blood, and it brought forgiveness. Jesus as our High Priest put his own blood on the mercy seat, and it purchased salvation for all mankind.

We as new testament sons of the High Priest can now use the blood for forgiveness, salvation, redemption, healing, protection, and victory. We shall observe this sprinkling of blood forever (Exodus12:24).

H. Clay Trumble says, “Blood is the representative of that life
which is the essence of God Himself

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New Book “Redeemed by Blood – Discovering the Power of the Blood of Christ” is now available

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Follow the Leader in You

28 Aug

Dr. Jonathan Doctor’s new book “Follow the Leader in You” is now available on Amazon.com, Kindle and here at https://www.createspace.com/4332355

Follow the leader in you

As New Creations in Christ we have a New Heart for a New Start. We have a New spirit within us. We now have a New Leader to follow. Jesus is now the Lord of our lives, He is the Master and Ruler of our lives; He has final Word and Authority in our lives. Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit as our New Guide and Leader until He Comes again to Make all things New on this earth. reading this book will equip you to hear the voice of God.

The Call of God

30 Jun

“Always remember that God does not change His mind about the calling He has given you.”
By Dr. Jonathan Doctor

    Before we were born God had a plan for our life. According to the Word of God in Acts 17:26 He planned what we were called to do, the time, the place and boundaries where we are to do it. Our God, in His awesome Wisdom chose us to live in this day, He did not choose St. Paul not St. Peter but you and I to be the last generation before the Coming of the Lord, He has Graced us to bring in the Harvest. 

    To me that is an awesome thought, and it is a sobering responsibility, but at the same time it is a relief to know that we do not have to trust in our own human, natural strength to do it but by His Grace. God’s Grace, His abilities and gifts will empower us as we go and step out into that Calling that He has Graced and anointed us to do.

    God ‘s Calling on our life will never be taken away, God does not change His mind (Romans 11:29Amp), what He spoke will come to pass, He declared the end from the beginning. He declared that we would be His Glorious Church to show this world the Love of God. Jesus has declared that He is building His Church and the gates of hell shall not declare against His church.

    This is good news to know, that as adversity and adversaries show up on our way to the destination God has for us that the adversities or mountains ahead are temporal, they are temporary, they are changeable and movable. With this attitude and spirit of faith we know that we are overcomers because God does not change His Word, Name or Mind about us or our calling.

    This is Good news to those who might have had or are having  small beginnings, knowing that adversity and circumstances cannot change God’s mind, knowing this creates a NO QUIT attitude. God’s plans Will come to pass.

    God had orchestrated our lives, He has ordained our steps and works according to Ephesians 2:10 and Psalms 37:23. Just like Jesus knew where He came from and where He was going (John 8:14), we too can and should know where we are going. By knowing where we came from, we can look back and see God ordaining our steps in life, getting us to this day and the days ahead.

    Once someone has spent quality time with God, intimate time in prayer, praying in the Spirit and continues to read His Word and  listen to the Voice of the Lord. They can develop this knowing in their heart to the Call of God and to where they are going. Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and His sheep follow Him, so as someone hears the Lord they must do what He says. We as sheep do not want to get out from under our Shepherd’s Care.

    This excites me about the days ahead, because in knowing God’s call on my life and knowing in what direction He is leading me, I have assurance that my Shepherd will not lead me astray as I obey His voice. 

    We must stay faithful to the Call of God in the small beginnings and in the adversities in our lives, as we do the Lord will increase us and we will be given more, because we have proven our faithfulness in the small. 

    Dr. Jerry Savelle says “Faithfulness is the #1 quality that God looks for in those He calls.” God is looking for some people who are willing to fulfill His plan and Call on their lives.



Bible Days are Here Again

25 Jun

Bible days are here again!
By Dr. Jonathan Doctor
http://www.fofmc.net  www.jonathandoctor.net 
I. The first sign to hit the church during a Move of God is THE FEAR OF THE LORD.
   A. Holiness is a result from the Fear of the Lord (Acts 2:43-47 )
               1. The Fear of the Lord causes believers to not mess around with sin.
              2.The Fear of the Lord is the major missing piece today in many camps.
             3. Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
            4. Don’t talk bad about God’s men and woman who are serving Him.
II. Miracles signs and wonders come after the Fear of the Lord. (Acts 3:6,16)
      A. Only when The Church today walks in the Fear of the Lord and in Holiness, in Love will we see miracles signs and wonders.
     B. Once we walk in the fear of the Lord, God is free to move mightily in our midst.
III. Unity and oneness in the spirit comes during a move of God
     A. The people went from house to house breaking bread and Praising God
IV. Complete Prosperity came as a result from a move of God.
     A. God’s presence prospers
V. Prayer and Praise increased during a move of God (Acts 2:47 Acts 3:1)
     A. Only by prayer can we maintain the anointing and move of God.
VI. Singleness of heart, total contentment.
     A. They had some joy.
VII. Mighty results in evangelism (Acts 2:47 Acts 3:19)
      A. The Lord added to the church daily (not Sunday) such as were to be saved.
      B. They all became ministers (Acts 5:42)


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